PlastiCo. Project was created to contribute to the conservation of the planet through the reduction of single use plastic consumption and therefore minimizing the impact of plastic pollution.

We are facing a climate crisis in which we are all involved and responsible for, that's is why we advocate for participative processes to accomplish our objectives. 

our team

Activists for the rights of nature, economist, and master on environment and sustainable development. She has a passion for nature since an early age.  

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Politologist and master on sociology. Human rights, gender and conservation of the planet activist. She is interested in issues related to diplomacy and collective struggles of civil society.

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Andrea Lema

Founder and National Director

Laura Suáres


Génesis Solórzano

Coordinator Santo Domingo

Environmental Engineer, graduated from Escuela Politécnica Nacional. Nature lover, activist, participatory and actively involved in environmental and social issues of the community. 

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Rodrigue Gehot

"...You can begin by becoming aware of ourselves and the world around us..."


Carla Salgado

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Javier Valdiviezo

"...Do activities to generate environmental awareness and education..."

Constanza Falconí

"...We are all very good at complaining but when is moment to act around the world you feel so lazy and that must change.."


Solange Yepez

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Man with Basket

Roberto Bonilla

"...You can contribute to help our mother earth..."

Saniela Santander

"..Help and contribute so we can really achieve a change in the way we live in this world.."


"...To know that even one person at a time, we are creating awareness..."


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We are one of more than 800 base organizations of the Global Alliance of Incineration Alternatives worldwide.


We represent the global movement Free from Plastic in Ecuador, whereby we demand that the extended responsability of the producer be fulfilled.

We belong to the global alliance of more than 1000 organizations in 60 countries fighting for a world free from plastic.

We are certified as an environmental organization for the protection of the planet by the 1% For the Planet network to which both individuals and companies can contribute.

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We are part of the Zero Waste Community and the Zero Waste Alliance of Ecuador with whom we work for a garbage-free country.

We belong to the Network of Environmental Protectors of Ecuador in which individuals and environmental organizations participate.

We are members of the Environmental Education Network of Ecuador with which we seek to create awareness in the local population.


The members of our team are recognized as ambassadors of 5gyres, an orgatization that fights against contamination by plastics worlwide.

We were recognized among the 500 best projects in waste managment for Latin America Green Awards in 2019.

Our project won the undertaking 2030 contest in the category of responsible consumtion in 2019.

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