Our project "Yo Limpio Ecuador/ I clean Ecuador " consists on promoting environmental conservation through action. By conducting cleanups at national level, we educate participants about plastic pollution, using citizen science methodologies  we collect important data of the trash we pick up in each cleanup, this information is useful for decision makers to formulate public policy to reduce single use plastics. 


Since the start of the project, we have conducted more than 65 cleanups in 5 different counties of Ecuador: Pichincha, Santo Domingo, Esmeraldas, Imbabura y Napo, covering the 3 out of 4 regions of the country.

Thanks to the colaboration of our volunteers and more than 2500 people that have joined our activities, we have identified the top 5 items that are pollutiong our cities: cigarettes, food wraps, bags, utensils and straws  

Since 2018 we conduct brand audits following the methodologies of Break Free From Plastic , through this we have identifies local and regional brands whose products packages are polluting our environment. 

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